About Us

Klydo is a tech startup driven by a clear vision: to create captivating art and technology experiences that awe and inspire. At the heart of our innovation lies our flagship creation, the Klydoclock, forging meaningful connections between artists and global audiences;  maintaining a sense of wonder, familiarity, and engagement. Klydoclock brings a universe of creativity into your space with an ever-expanding collection offering a vast spectrum of possibilities, for every aesthetic preference.

  • Ronen Shilo | Founder, Chairman and CEO

    As a veteran tech entrepreneur and software engineer, Ronen is renowned for his innovative spirit and deep respect for artistic expression. His journey from small-town Israel to Silicon Valley reflects his commitment to turning inventive ideas into reality. In his latest venture, Ronen founded Head Ventures, a creative lab environment fusing art and tech, where he inspired the ideation of the Klydoclock experience.

  • Ran Kramer | Founder and VP Product

    Through the last decade, Ran Kramer, has spearheaded a wide gamut of world-class technology and engineering; from aerospace mission analysis to the development of globally utilized mobile applications. He is also an avid antique clock collector and tinkerer with a penchant for all things mechanical.

  • Boaz Mendel | COO

    Since 2010, Boaz has been designing and developing innovative products in many industries, with diverse engineering and design experience in both industrial and consumer manufacturing. Among his many accomplishments is the 2013 Kickstarter pioneer, Pressy.

  • David Ben-Yshay | Curator

    As Klydoclock’s Curator and Artist Partnership Director, David draws upon years of experience as a filmmaker, advertising art director, and creative product marketing specialist; fueled by a passionately consumed media diet of all things animated and illustrated.

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