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Klydo Clock
whatever makes you tick

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Great quality and modern take on a classic clock. Looks stunning with beautiful wooden exterior and bright high quality display. The range of artwork and animations keep it looking fresh, day after day. Love the attention to detail from the tick-tock sound and gentle swing of the pendulumm to a 'flat-style' USB-C table to ensure it sits nice and close to the wall.

James F.

Wow!!! Received my KlydoClock today in California. I LOVE this clock!!! Thank you for a brilliant and beautiful project!!


Hey y’all…this Klydoclock is outta control radimo bears. It is so refreshing to come downstairs to a new Klydoclock everyday. Thank you for such an enlightening product.

Patrick G.

Today I received my clock. It is beautiful and works great. You really made the menu a work of art.

Mich W.

It came yesterday! I was so sad because it came as I was headed to a class and I had to wait before opening. I had the best time opening and starting it up. I waited for each kid and husband to come home and notice it, and they all noticed it within seconds and loved it. The setup was super easy. I really like the feel of the remote. I love the chimes and ticking. It’s really cool and nice!! My only problem is wanting to share it with people but also keeping it to myself in case I need a gift idea.

Meagan M.

Received my clock and it’s amazing! I love the quality; such a statement piece.

Zach L.

Absolutely stunning piece of kit.. From the second I saw it on Kickstarter I knew I had to have one!

Benji C.

I seldom leave reviews, but I must say this product has surpassed all expectations.From the moment it powers on, the user interface is as much a work of art as the clock itself. Every detail demonstrates an unparalleled love and care poured into this product, creating an experience reminiscent of Apple's finest.


Finally received it, and I must say this is my favorite Kickstarter product of all time! Everything runs smoothly and intuitively, and it looks even better than I imagined. Kudos to you guys for attention to both hardware and software UX. Looking forward to showing this off :)

Bryce H.


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Klydo showcases

an expanding collection of curated works which are continually updated to your clock at no additional cost!

Klydo showcases a continuously

expanding collection of curated works which are continually updated to your clock at no additional cost!

  • the remote control

    the remote

    KlydoClock remote control KlydoClock remote control

    With the remote, browsing and navigation is a simple experience that can be shared by anyone in the room, without the need of downloading and installing apps to your phone

  • the knob

    The clock features a physical knob on the back, as every clock worth its hands should have. Adjust the time manually and rapidly preview Klydos with this fun, handy feature.

    KlydoClock remote control
  • KlydoClock display KlydoClock display

    more than a clock

    Klydoclock is a gateway into the amazing world of animation. It presents the next step in the evolution of the classic timepiece as an analog clock for the digital age.